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The Lyn Park neighborhood is a subset of the Near North neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN.  It’s located next to the northwest tip of Downtown Minneapolis, just across Interstate 94.  Conveniently located on both Lyndale Ave and Plymouth Ave, the Lyn Park area serves as a main transportation hub between Downtown and North Minneapolis.

The area is rich in both history and diversity.  You’ll quickly meet a combination of long-time residents, arts, urban professionals, students, and the like.  Directly to the west lies the Old Highland neighborhood (also a subset of Near North), which features some of the most beautiful and historic homes in Minneapolis.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.06.42 PMIf you enjoy the outdoors, there is never a lack of opportunity.  At the center, Lyn Park features it’s own neighborhood park called Hall Park, which stretches between both sides over Lyndale.   Looking for something a little larger?  Residents go either direction and enjoy the amenities at Theodore Wirth Park to the west or Boom Island Park to the east.  Not to mention the miles of walking alongside the Mississippi River, or the miles of connections to various bike trails!

For more information on Near North, check out the city’s neighborhood profile page or www.livemsp.com.

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